Corona Electric Head Office and Factory Phase 2

コロナ電気新社屋工場 (2期工事)


敷地 : 日本,茨城県ひたちなか市
構造設計: 佐藤 淳構造設計事務所
空調設計: 佐野武仁 佐野明子 システムデザイン研究所
施工 : 東鉄工業株式会社
延床面積 : 1,484sqm (2期工事) 

竣工 : 2019年

撮影: 淺川敏






○動線と設備動線は1:1 流れる空気は一体



Corona Electric Head Office and Factory (phase 2)



Structural design: Jun Sato
Air Environment Engineer: System Design Laboratory, Takehito Sano, Akiko Sano General
Constructor:Totetsu Kogyo Total foor area: 2,958sqm(phase1: 1,474sqm, phase2: 1,484sqm)

Project Term phase2: Design term:Oct. 2014~Aug. 2016
Construction term: Sep.2016 ~July 2019

Photographer:Satoshi Asakawa

This project is the recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The theme of this recovery is to make a human centered manufacture base, not the place of the machine creates the machines. Therefore, the cantilever corridor was placed to make a circle around the central manufacturing area with FL+1m as the main circulation. When people walk here, the view will be widely opened side to side and the whole area can be a sequence communication area.

What kind of architecture will produce the thing can meet the needs of the times? We imagined “The whole space is the continuous communication area” to aim to bear and spread the next generation of this local region.

To prepare for 98% recovering, we analyzed the existing building then reduced it to elements.An absolutely new configuration was created.

All is circulating, the people, parts and various facilities lines in the central manufacturing area, as well as a huge swirling flow from south to north in the continuous space.By irculating all of the elements, the performance and the potential as a manufacturing base are secured.

There is a given condition, which was to work on the restoration while operating the factory to secure the 90 employees and carry on the part of the manufacturing network.