Flower Truss Pavilion






Flower Truss Pavilion

We choose Flower *shape as one form, one geometry purely and simply for designing the pavilion this time.

Flower *shapes are existing in varied levels of the nature. Particularly, it’s relating to light phenomenon and forming shelters. Flowers come out to the sunshine, hexagonal prismatic colors in backlights and a honeycomb is both a cradle and a unit of it’s structure.

We appricate Flower *shape in this project as followings ;
・Footprint pattern which has feeling of various directions in such liner lot.
・Elegant structure system made only out of Flower-truss units.
・Garden furniture approaching to the pavilion in expectation.

A beauty of luninous bouquet blooms surface of the canal in an evening , we imagine.

design with yuji tanabe/YAA