Public Hall – 2019 Kami machi


敷地: 宮城県加美町
構造: 鉄骨造+木ラチス架構
規模: 地上2階
延床面積: 1508.75sqm
2019 年

意匠: シアターワークショップ+ bews 設計共同体
構造: 佐藤淳構造設計事務所
設備: テーテンス事務所 + ルナ・デザイン・ラボ






Public Hall – 2019 Kami machi

location : Kami-machi, Miyagi Prefecture
structure : steel frames with wooden lattice beams
floors : 2 floors
area :1,508.75sqm

design: Theater workshop + bews. design JV
structure: Jun Sato Structural Design Office
facilities design: Tetens Office + Luna Design Lab

This is a plan for a proposal in the central area of Naka-Niida where the culture and sports activities gather in the existing facilities in Kami-machi Naka-Niida area, northwestern part of Miyagi Prefecture.

Kami-machi is a famous rice production area that is located on the east side of the Ousanmyaku and is recognized as a rich agricultural heritage called Osaki Cultivation. The site is located next to Bach Hall, which has the reputation for sound as a rice field town management hall, and is a corner of the parking lot surrounded by the large ground at the junior high school and the new gymnasium.The surrounding area is dotted with rural landscapes and coexists with urban areas as in half.

Our plan considered the following points.

One is a indoor / outdoor plaza of this area, which can be used comfortably (especially in winter)throughout the four seasons, taking into account snowfall and cool climate. The second is to make the whole space a compact footprint and to achieve transparent visibility. In addition, in order to share the existing facilities with various situations, devise flow lines and thoroughly “overlap use”.The compact one-room space plan is clear and easy to use, reduce construction and maintenance costs, and gain high performance as a long-loved facility. This is a plan where these performances and plans are integrated.

As a front garden, a semicircular green mound plaza is placed as a NODE in the flat landscape that you can recognize at a glance that “this is a new public hall”.It is intended to be developed as a variety of event plazas, and to be a lush convex landmark from both an approach and from the sky’s point of view.